School Nurses

NJCCN Supporting and Preparing School Nurses for Community Action

Welcome to 21st Century School Nurse Leadership: Moving Evidence into Action! This toolkit is a publication of the New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing. Funding for this program was provided by New Jersey Health Initiatives, a national program of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Click the titles in the table of contents below to download individual chapters, or download the full document.

This toolkit is organized based on the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice™. It is divided into four key principles: Care Coordination, Leadership, Quality Improvement, and Community/Public Health, surrounded by the fifth principle, Standards of Practice. Each of these has a “How does this impact Standards of Practice” section to demonstrate the link to the standards of practice as the surrounding foundation of the framework. The standards of practice principle is intended to act as the foundation for the other four key principles. Each of the four key principles also has two sample project ideas to serve as examples for developing project initiatives. In addition, each key principle has a quick start fact sheet that provides ideas, goals, action steps, resources, measure outcomes, and social media.