Annual Reports

NJCCN Annual Reports provide an overview of the achievements and events of the Center.

2023 NJCCN Annual Report

Rebuilding & Investing in the Future Together


This year’s report focuses on Rebuilding & Investing in the Future of New Jersey’s nursing workforce post-acute pandemic. Our key strategic goal was to address workforce solutions through collaboration and innovation by engaging with nursing professional organizations, legislators, regulators, trade organizations, and non-profits. Together, we played a crucial role in amplifying nursing’s voice and shaping our direction for the year.

We invite you to read our annual report, Rebuilding & Investing in the Future Together.

2022 NJCCN Annual Report


Transforming the Future Together

This year’s report, Transforming the Future Together, celebrates the invaluable partnerships we have continued to foster. The year 2022 served as our 20th anniversary.  We recognized Senator Vitale’s legislation in 2002 and Dr. Geri Dickson (posthumous) as the initial founder of the Center.

This report provides you with updates on the New Jersey Nurse Residency Program, initiatives to improve the emotional well-being of nurses, advocacy work on behalf of the Center, and various publications from NJCCN staff. The report also provides insight into New Jersey’s workforce supply and demand by highlighting several challenges in the workforce pipeline.

  • 21 hospitals participate in the New Jersey Nurse Residency Collaborative having registered over 1,881 nurse residents.
  • 61 Virtual Schwartz Rounds held with 4,300 nurses participating.
  • New interactive dashboards related to the nursing workforce.
  • NJCCN received its fourth GAINS grant from the NJDOL.

We invite you to learn about these initiatives and others by reviewing the Transforming the Future Together.

2021 NJCCN Annual Report


2021 Annual Report, 20th Anniversary Edition

As the New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing (NJCCN) celebrates 20 years as the key workforce center for nursing in NJ, we continue to advocate on behalf of nurses across the state. As in past years, leadership, research, innovation, and education are still our driving forces in providing evidence-based recommendations regarding the nursing workforce and its effects on patient care.


This year’s Annual Report highlights NJ Nurse Demographic data, COVID-19 and LPN Research, and the New Jersey Nurse Residency Collaborative.


Many of the pressing needs in nursing continue to focus on advancing health equity and promoting nurses’ well-being. The New Jersey-New Institute and New Jersey Strategic Initiatives working groups continue to make advances in these important areas.


We invite you to learn about these initiatives and others by reviewing the 20th Anniversary annual report.

2020 NJCCN Annual Report


Pivotal Moments Unprecedented Times

The work of the New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing (NJCCN) took on an unforeseen sense of urgency in 2020 as we devised both short-and long-term solutions in response to COVID-19, an unprecedented world-wide challenge. We acted on our expertise as researchers, educators, and caregivers, collaborating with partners across the state. We pivoted much of our focus to the most pressing needs of the nursing workforce, even as we began to forge strategies for the future.

As you read these highlights, you will see that our work before and after March 2020 has been fundamentally the same as we stayed true to our mission and vision. Leadership, research, innovation, and education still form our foundation as we provide evidence-based recommendations regarding the nursing workforce and its effect on patient care.

Our endeavors have found their inspiration in the extraordinary nurses and other healthcare workers who have served during this still-unquantifiable COVID-19 era. They have our unbounded gratitude, enormous respect, and deep admiration.

We invite you to learn about these initiatives and others by reviewing the annual report, Pivotal Moments Unprecedented Times.

2019 NJCCN Annual Report


Our Leadership Grows

Since our inception, NJCCN has been creating collaborative solutions for nursing workforce challenges through empirical research, innovative strategies, creative partnerships, and trailblazing programs for New Jersey nurses and healthcare consumers.

Our growing constituency has enabled us to initiate endeavors that address new sectors of the healthcare workforce. Our partners include professional nursing organizations, healthcare providers, state government, and consumer groups.

We invite you to learn about these initiatives and others by reviewing the annual report, Our Leadership Grows.

2018 NJCCN Annual Report


New Horizons in Workforce Solutions

The New Jersey Collaborating Center for Nursing led the way to new horizons in nursing workforce solutions in 2018. Quality data continued to be our hallmark and the foundation of our success. We addressed nursing workforce issues across all settings, transforming calls to action into opportunities that resulted in achievement in the areas of leadership, research, education, and innovation.

As 2019 begins, we are engaged in innovative work determined by our mission. We invite you to learn more by reading New Horizons in Workforce Solutions.

2017 NJCCN Annual Report

Transforming Data through Partnership

In 2017, the NJCCN became increasingly aligned with the challenges of a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Our projects for the year spanned many target areas, including advocacy, research, and innovation in education and nursing practice. We grew our role as a leading source of information on nurses and nursing in New Jersey through networking, relationship building, community workshops, publications, and presentations. We supplied valuable information to countless leaders who make decisions affecting the citizens of New Jersey. No single thing made us more productive than the exceptional individuals and organizations that joined with us as we transformed quality data into undertakings that promoted not just nursing, but health for people of all ages. We invite you to learn more about our shared goals and achievements in our 2017 Annual Report, Tranforming Data through Partnership.

2016 NJCCN Annual Report

Pacesetters for Tomorrow

2016 was a time of reflection for the NJCCN, as well as the inception of many innovative projects. We hit the ground running with comprehensive supply and demand data models, and our new demand data report. We funded and managed new grant projects, including a residency program for nurses in post-acute care and a leadership program for school nurses. Our Strategic Planning process synthesized all of these projects and set the tone for the foreseeable future. Our actions this year are in line with our belief that accurate data is the key to evidence-based problem solving. However, the NJCCN has moved beyond simply being a resource, and has taken an active role in addressing nursing workforce challenges. We invite you to read more in Pacesetters for Tomorrow.

2015 NJCCN Annual Report

Turning Point

In 2015, the NJCCN expanded its activities beyond research and analysis through undertakings that highlighted its areas of expertise – leadership, research, education, and innovation. Our 2015 annual report provided evidence that we have reached a Turning Point, and are taking the Center in a new, stronger direction. We invite you to read more in Turning Point.