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January 2022

Improving Access to Care in New Jersey

Primary Care access in New Jersey continues to be inadequate

Primary Case Access


of the 21 counties in NJ do not have enough primary care providers.

Mental Health Access

of the 21 counties in NJ have limited access to mental health providers.

Uninsured Rate

counties in NJ have an uninsured rate above 9%.

The Solution


of Nursing Practitioners (NP) are educated in primary care specialty and can fill the primary care shortage.

NJCCN 20th Anniversary

NJCCN 20th Anniversary

NJCCN Honors Senator Joseph F. Vitale, Chair of the NJ Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens (SHH), and Dr. Geri Dickson (Posthumous).  The Center was created from the vision of Dr. Geri Dickson.

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NJCCN Testimony on Bill A4614

NJCCN Testimony on Bill A4614

On December 12th, Pamela B. de Cordova, PhD, RN-BC, Associate Professor and Faculty Researcher for the NJCCN, Jennifer Polakowski, testified at the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Bill A4614 Modifying the Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program.  Click HERE to...

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