University of Rhode Island professor Batty Rambur, PhD, RN, FAAN published a timely manuscript on the Affordable Care Act. “What’s at Stake in U.S. Health Care Reform: A Guide to the Affordable Care Act and Value-Based Care,” appears in Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice. The article explains the details of the ACA and prepares the reader to be engaged in the current policy debate. The journal’s editor in chief, Sally Cohen, commented that “This article is among the best reviews of the Affordable Care Act. Professor Rambur provides unusually clear explanations of the law and the nuances of recent legislative proposals. Readers will be able to engage in discussions with policymakers, patients and clinicians based on evidence and facts.” Professor Rambur hopes that the article will incite nurses to become involved in shaping healthcare policy.

Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice has made the article available at the following link until the end of Friday, October 4th ( After the 4th, access to the article will be granted by subscription only):

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